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For many people, football is more than just a game; it is the way of life. Football does have many different sides from passionate and fanatic cheering for a particular team and player to the indifferent following of football tactics and moves. It can also bring various emotions from extreme and ecstatic happiness when your favorite team wins to major disappointment and sadness when they lose. Nevertheless, football can also bring a great entertainment even when you are not particularly fond of either competitor.

Therefore, we tried to gather all those unique and amusing moments, stories, photos, and videos, and present them to you so you would not miss a thing. This means that football can be funny too.

This site is meant for all those football lovers as well as those who particularly do not enjoy the game itself but love to see funny moments of the game. Hopefully, our site will become your daily routine and your favorite source of fun as well.

We will present you the gallery with some of the funniest and most curious moments in UEFA football matches captured on photos and videos. Our main goal is to present you witty stories about your favorite football players which you will enjoy reading and watching, as well as to present you interesting situations concerning their careers, transfers or personal events.

Our gallery presents a significant number of these curious moments of European football that you would not want to miss. Football fails that we will present on our site can include comical acting attempts from the biggest football stars, weird fouls, hilarious goal misses, unexpected events during the matches, as well as peculiar fans and strange goal celebrations. You can also expect to see the things which you usually would not while watching the game.

It is normal and also welcomed that these things regularly happen on football matches throughout Europe, moments you are not always able to see them in real time. For that reason, our site is here to present you the collection of interesting and funny football moments.

Because of all these things we invite you to join us on a trip through curious UEFA moments.

Most Expensive Football Player Transfers Of All Time


Last year´s transfer of Gonzalo Higuain from Napoli to Juventus also became one of the most expensive transfers in the world and also the most expensive transfer in Italy. Juve paid Napoli £75.3m for 29-year-old Argentinean striker to reduce the loss of Paul Pogba.

The golden boy of Brazil, Neymar came from Santos to Barcelona in 2013 for £71.5m. Since then Neymar justified the amount of money which was invested in him and continues to play at the top of his abilities.

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