UEFA Champions League Prize Money

UEFA cup

Last year´s list included eight clubs from English Premier League, five clubs from Italian Serie A, three clubs each from Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga, and one club from French Ligue 1. On average these teams are worth $1.44, which is 24% increase in comparison to the previous year.

The most valuable team is without a doubt Spanish club Real Madrid. It is worth $3.645 billion.With their team lead by the highest paid soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale, their history and results this is no surprise. Last time when Real was not first on the list was 2012 when they were second, behind Manchester United.

It is followed by a great rival, Spanish club Barcelona which has the value of $3.549 billion. Apart from having one of the best players in the world, Lionel Messi, Barcelona offers an attractive game and attracts some of the greatest brands to stand beside them.

First English club and the third in Europe and the world is none other than Manchester United. The value of Red Devils is estimated to $3.317 billion. Even though the results in the past few years are not as bright as they were while Sir Alex Ferguson was there, Manchester United has the name and the legacy.

The fourth club on the list of most valuable clubs is German champion Bayern Munich. It is worth $2.678 billion, which is significantly less than the first team. However, Bayern is the team which has no debt.

The second English Premier League club on the list and the 5th in the world is Arsenal. The team from London made great progress in comparison to the previous year when it was 7th. According to 2016 results, Arsenal is worth $2.017 billion.

It is followed by another English club, city rival of Manchester United – Manchester City. The club´s value is 1.921 billion. The club dropped one place on a list with its previous value of $1,380 billion, which proves that soccer market is cruel.

Seventh place on the list is also occupied by an English club, Chelsea. It is worth $1.661 billion and just like Bayern and City it has 0% of the value as debt, which is an advantage in many cases.

Another English club on the list is Liverpool with their value of $1.548 billion. The club remained 8th on the list in comparison to the list from 2015, however, at the time the club had the value of $982 million.

The best Italian team Juventus from Turin is a ninth club on the list of most valuable teams in the world with $1.299 billion. Just like Liverpool the Old Lady kept its place from previous rankings. Nevertheless, the value of the club a year before was $837 million.

Once again, English club - Tottenham Hotspur. According to the Forbes´ list, the team from London has the value of $1.017 billion. Their previous value was $600 million, and they were 13th on the list, which shows an extreme success of the club in 2016.

The second part of the list includes the teams which have not reached a billion in 2016. Here we have two clubs each from Germany and England, four from Italy, and one each from Spain and France. German Borussia Dortmund is 11th, and it has the value of $836 million. It is followed by Italian AC Milan with $825 million.

The first and only French club on the list is Paris Saint-Germain which is worth $814 million. The last club on the list from Germany is Schalke 04 with the value of $655 million, while the last club from Spain is Atletico de Madrid with $633 million.

The end of the list involves only Italian and English soccer teams. 16th on the list is Inter Milan which is worth $559 million. It is followed by West Ham United with $542 million and AS Roma with $508 million. After them, there is Napoli which has the value of $396 million and finally Newcastle United which is worth $383 million.